How Much House Can I Afford?

Example Location: 84604 (Provo, Utah) Annual Household Income: $67,925 (Forbe’s Median Household Income of Provo) Monthly Spending: $1,000 Loan Type: 30-Year Fixed APR: 4.7% Annual Property Tax for Provo is 1.75% Recommended Price: $127,066 Recommended Max Price: $195,200 That buys you a trailer home. In Provo, the median home price is $303,300. Try it yourself […]

Tax Code is Killing the U.S. Economy

This article’s headline says politics are killing the U.S. economy but if you read further it says the problem is the tax code. We know it is much more than that: Taxes, regulations, welfare, propaganda media, offshoring, distractions, human poisoning, the abandonment of the proper role of government and its foundational principles that created the […]

Dear Top 1%: How to Keep Your Lives, Money and Happiness

by Robert John Stevens, May 23, 2016 Dear Top 1%, History is clear that the top 1% inflicts the most misery upon the human race, and then it backfires on them. Despite what your advisors tell you they are probably all wrong. If you want to keep your wealth and protect yourself against the middle […]