Saudi 9/11 Blackmail: ‘We’ll Dump Dollar!’

This is a bill that every American would agree with. The bill suspends sovereign immunity (i.e. you cannot serve a foreign sovereign government) if a terrorist attack occurs on American soil where American citizens are killed. Most Americans would say, “Well certainly they shouldn’t have immunity if they are sponsoring attacks where American citizens are killed.” This presents a huge problems for the Obama Administration who is trying to suppress this bill.

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John Williams—Odds High Hyperinflation Begins in 2015

John Williams ( is a very respected economist who reports on government statistics using their former accounting methods—before they were corrupted. Although now the dollar is strong, he believes hyperinflation will begin this year after the dollar falls but the system can break at any time without warning.

At the end of the interview he says to hold gold and silver through the duration of the next crisis. Watch his interview:

America’s Hope Begins With Recognition

Message sent to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Sunday November 24, 2013 regarding his article, “The Dying Dollar — Paul Craig Roberts.”

Hi Paul,

Another great article. Thank You!

I suspect giving Americans a false hope of prosperity by pumping money into the stock market is a trivial expense compared to the profits of received by continued plunder.

At your recommendation I purchased the Italian 9/11 DVDs. It is very comprehensive. Every issue leads to lies and cover up.

Regarding our nation’s financial state, I have struggled for years to think of solutions but sending solution ideas to Congressman and Senators seems a complete waste of time.

Unless the President tells the people the absolute truth and starts intelligent discussions, our nation’s fate is akin to the band playing aboard the sinking Titanic.

As the economy begins its steep plunge there will be fewer funds to repair our aging transportation infrastructure. Welfare receipts are the first to suffer. Those totally dependent on food imports will panic, especially if a crisis hits months before the next growing season. There will be no safety living in cities. It will be too late to tear up lawns and plant fruit and nut trees.

I have at times been adverse to your pessimistic outlook but I do not see things changing.

As a young missionary I taught the plan of repentance. The first step is to recognize one has sinned. Recognition precedes feeling sorry, repenting, covenanting not to repeat the sin and restoring that which was lost as a result of the sin. For America, hope starts with recognition.


One wonders why they wait

by Robert John Stevens, Sunday September 8, 2013

Paul Craig Roberts in his article, The West Dethroned  wrote, “These countries can establish their own system of international payments and finance and leave the dollar standard whenever they wish. One wonders why they wait.”

Why do they wait? Because the longer they wait the longer our infrastructure crumbles? Because world favor is rapidly shifting away from the U.S. and Israel and towards them? Or because they know we are hostage to our leaders who are destroying us—a feat they could not have accomplished as well with their militaries?

Dr. Robert’s suspicions are probably correct. I sent him these questions and hope he elaborates.