Why Won’t Mormon-Owned Newspaper DeseretNews.com Allow the Word Democide?

Mormon-owned newspaper DeseretNews.com will not allow the word democide (“the murder of any person or people by their government, including genocide, politicide and mass murder”). To prove it for yourself, Google site:www.deseretnews.com democide In contrast, Google site:www.deseretnews.com gun control I submitted this comment to the article on DeseretNews.com entitled In our opinion: In the wake […]

Associated Press Lies About Benghazi Again

by Robert John Stevens, June 28, 2016 From 1981-1983, when I served as a Mormon missionary, all missionaries memorized written lessons which included an invaluable lesson named Truth versus Error. The title alone has inspired me over the years to reflect on its significance. Now that an 800-page report on Benghazi is released, here is […]

Mormons: Is Bashing Trump Hypocrisy?

by Robert John Stevens, March 20, 2016 I am a Mormon and totally disagree with Mitt Romney’s attack on Donald Trump. Attacking and discrediting another is not Christian and very unbecoming of a Mormon; instead, we are taught to overlook their weaknesses and support them in their callings. Donald Trump never served his country as […]