New Jersey Governor in 1910 Deceived Legislature to Promote the Sixteenth Amendment (Income Tax)

by Robert John Stevens, March 25, 2017

Look at how the income tax deception began with harmless statements like this from the Governor of New Jersey in 1910, “The United States should possess the unquestioned power to tax incomes. It may not be necessary to use the power, but if emergency should arise which requires it, the right to tax should exist.”

Legislatures fell for it and now all citizens pay income tax on their earnings all the time. Great deceptions are always first proposed as harmless necessities.

Read the Message of the Governor of New Jersey Relative to the Proposed Sixteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution of the United States, February 7, 1910.

Free is an old political trick

by Robert John Stevens, March 16, 2016

Offering free money to constituents (people who politicians have been elected to represent) or to people from political candidates running for office is an old trick that repeatedly wins votes.

Here is another wonderful gem from the Book of Mormon, published in 1830, that most readers overlook. It can help save people from electing liars, thieves and from the tax burdens their deceptive promises may create:

Now the people of Akish were desirous for gain, even as Akish was desirous for power; wherefore, the sons of Akish did offer them money, by which means they drew away the more part of the people after them.—Book of Mormon, Ether 9:11

Despite all the campaign rhetoric from Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders regarding free college and free stuff, governments don’t create wealth nor do they create products or services to sell; therefore, they can’t give anything away for free without stealing money to pay for it.

When government offers free college, free health insurance or free anything you can be sure it will cost a lot more than it would by free-market competitors.

Joseph Smith said the Book of Mormon was a gift from heaven “and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book1.” Its precepts are truly relevant to keep our Republic.

If Ether 9:11 was the only precept taught in high school American history, how much more insightful we’d be as a nation!

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1 History of the Church, 4:461. See also, The Most Correct Book by Monte Nyman, 1984.

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