Gerald Celente—2016 Predictions, Gold, Silver War and Collapse


Gerald Celente says he isn’t a conspiracy theorist but sticks to the facts: Demand for gold and silver is soaring worldwide while demand for other commodities is falling, the bottom for gold is $1050 an ounce which is the cost to harvest it, people today feel more comfortable investing in precious metals than their countries’ currencies, and the more than 200 trillion worldwide debt bubble will collapse in 2016.

Mr. Celente says to get out of this “they” will lead us to global war, close the banks, devalue the currency and demand citizens turn in their gold as they did in the early 20th century. His solution is three Gs—gold, guns and a getaway plan. His destination after 9/11 was Canada.

In January his Trends Journal will host a getaway retreat in Naples, Florida. See Florida retreat for mind, body and spirit.

Patrick Barron: The end of US dollar supremacy

From Lew Rockwell’s Blog:

Recorded in October, Patrick and Jeff discuss how the dollar became the world’s reserve currency after Bretton Woods, the dollar’s evolution as a weapon of mass US imperialism, and how its inevitable decline will have horrific consequences for those nations—and individuals—not prepared for it.

Paul Craig Roberts on Russia’s Rubble and Rigged Markets

Transcript starting at 30:20:

Well, if we find out that the United States government can overcome all market forces by rigging, then we don’t any longer need economics. There is such thing as economics if governments can rig everything, despite economic forces. And so what we are faced with, Greg, is, if this is he case, can the United States rig everything such that economic forces are suppressed forever? I doubt it, but if that’s the case it means we don’t need economics or economists because their explanations don’t mean anything if the economic forces can be overcome by politically rigged markets. So that is why I say we’re faced with a collapse. I personally don’t think the house of cards can stand.