Senators Lee and Cruz: How to Win the Next Battle

by Robert John Stevens, Provo, Utah, Thursday, October 17, 2013

On TV this morning, I heard Senator McCain mention internationalists versus isolationist. What he really means is the globalists who own him that have been so successful in transferring the wealth of nations to themselves as they destroy national sovereignty, wage pointless offensive wars, turn everything around via propaganda so evil becomes good and good becomes evil, versus patriots who believe in a strong defensive military because they know God doesn’t support offensive wars, and that it is better for us unite, forgive ourselves of the monies that the globalists stole from us, than to borrow until our children are complete debt slaves or are annihilated by the globalists who will no longer see their value after our financial system collapses and the transfer of America’s wealth to their cause is complete.

Senators Lee and Cruz stood up for the common man. While their battle wasn’t won, their cause was supported in the hearts and minds of millions Americans. To win the next battle they must interview and focus on the patriotic love group, learn from them the principles of virtue and good government that made America great, ignore the globalists since they are the hate group and aren’t worth trying to convert, and teach the swing group or those who are angry but open to enlightenment the love or benefits as seen through the eyes of the patriotic love group. That’s marketing. It works.

General Washington lost more battles than he won. The continental army suffered far more than the Redcoats as they endured extreme weather, inadequate food and clothing, unsanitary conditions, sickness and death, but through these trials they were firm in their convictions, dedicated to their noble cause, bound to the cause of liberty, and inspired by their leaders who promoted virtue, gentlemanly conduct, leadership by example, repentance and prayers for heaven to look upon them with compassion, help them suffer with patience and intercede in their great cause.

When they disobeyed true principles by waging an offensive war by attacking Canada, they suffered greatly but when they fought for liberty, freedom, their lands and their families they saw the hand of God save them many times, often by sudden, miraculous changes of weather that permitted them to narrowly escape impossible odds or cloaked them as they travelled or positioned themselves to surprise their opponents in battle.

Senators Lee and Cruz are today’s Washington and Lafayette. If they bless the American people with a great awakening of the principles to which the continental army adhered, they will persevere.