Only the clear enunciation of the fundamental rights of man–rights which no man, or government can rightfully violate (even at the “local” level) will stand as a permanent bulwark against the slow erosion of liberty.

It takes a highly educated and wise majority of people to be able to sift through the obscuration of pseudo-educated liberals who throw out benign appearing and lofty concepts of compassion that secretly destroy other’s rights.

…the burden is upon government to prove that such laws are in accord with fundamental rights. Most importantly, public officials should be aware that they are PERSONALLY LIABLE for any infringement of another’s rights, and that men may ultimately and rightfully defend their fundamental rights with appropriate force, when no practical or fair legal recourse is possible.

The principles and rights listed are sufficiently self-evident that a man who chooses not to accept God may still accept them as “natural rights.”

226 Years Since The Constitutional Convention of 1787–Time to Reconvene.

Dear Senators Lee, Paul and Cruz,

It has been 226 years since the great Continental Convention of 1787 . Corruption has crept in and spoiled the most successful government in human history.

A great decision lays before us. We can either sink in our own debt to the point where good men and women will be forced to take desperate measures, and eventually be forced to welcome the Central Banker’s evil bailout plan in return for totalitarian despotism, or we can prosper by ridding ourselves of the parasites and corruption that bind us to slavery and destruction.

I want you to introduce new hope, for the states to once again send the most virtuous among them to a new Constitutional Convention so our country can again prosper and regain its status as the hope of the world. To do this we must forgive all debts as the Jews did in their SH’MITTAH. See

Forgiven debts will be of no consequence unless laws are enacted to bind conspiring men to not repeat their evil designs and deceptions. I believe it will also require tends of thousands of pages of crippling laws to be replaced by short and simple laws and covenants such as a flat tax and parties to be replaced by representatives who are required to represent and vote in behalf of their citizenry.

If you take this offensive and start this discussion, America will support you.

Best Regards,

Robert John Stevens
Provo, Utah