Utahns Join the Exit Chaffetz Movement

by Robert John Stevens, June 25, 2016

On June 24th the citizens of Great Britain voted to exit the European Union. Isn’t it time Utah exists Chaffetz?

Congressman Jason Chaffetz has reigned longer than George Washington, the father of our country who knew eight years in government was enough. Is Chaffetz really greater than Washington?

The global elite show Chaffetz’s face on TV. Sometimes he acts tough but he’s no threat. Have his hearings resulted in a single conviction? No. What has he done for America? Nothing. Can anyone name a single thing he has done for Utah? No because he serves the wealthy global elite and not us.

Since 2006 he’s enjoyed three pay raises: from $162,100 to $165,200, $169,300 and now $174,000 totaling more than $1.7 million in wages not including his enormous annual expense account, benefits and paid staff. But that wasn’t enough: He just plain forget to report all his income as Dr. Teng’s team discovered and notified the authorities.

I’ve known Dr. Cheng for many years and served on his BYU IT Department’s advisory board since 2006. He is a true patriot. He loves his country. He loves Utah. With those qualities and his advanced knowledge of technology, he will make a big difference.

Utah Republicans, join the Exit Chaffetz Movement and show the citizens of Great Britain we too have had enough of Obama, the global elite and their conspiring agendas, and Jason Chaffetz.

This Tuesday vote for Dr. Chia-Chi Teng. He needs your help. Gather your friends and family and get to the polls as early as you can.

FEC complaint filed against Chaffetz by primary opponent

Chaffetz is part of the establishment. During his tenure the national debt doubled. Whatever Obama got away with, Chaffetz endorsed either by voting for the budget, looking the other way or not filing and pursing criminal charges against the guilty.

He acted tough at times but indicted no one. No politician should ever serve longer than eight years—the maximum limit set by George Washington. Is Chaffetz greater than George Washington? No! If these accusations are correct then Chaffetz’s political career is over.

See FEC complaint filed against Chaffetz by primary opponent.

Congressman Chaffetz Disregards the 2nd Amendment He Swore To Uphold

Mr. Chaffetz, You do not understand the 2nd amendment. Its purpose is to maintain that inalienable, God-given right that existed before governments were formed that authorizes all citizens to defend themselves and their families.

Having studied history, the U.S. Founding Fathers knew the 2nd amendment (“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”) was necessary to protect citizens against invasion, tyrannical governments, or should their own government turn against them.

As power centralizes, as the 20th century saw with Stalin, Hitler and many others, tyrants eventually turn against their own people and institute democide—murder by one’s own government. The Univ. of Hawaii reports 262 million humans were murdered by their own government in the 20th century alone.

Most mass murders by government happened after citizens were disarmed.

Yes, we don’t need overly armed government thugs bullying citizens but they have too the right to bear arms. If you understood the 2nd amendment you swore to uphold, you’d also call for well-armed and well-trained local militias to keep the ‘Rambo’ BLM Forest Service agents in check.

See Chaffetz wants to take guns away from ‘Rambo’ BLM, Forest Service agents.