How Civilizations are Destroyed

by Robert John Stevens, March 5, 2013
  1. Secret societies with sinister goals covenant with each other to infiltrate a government.
  2. A national bank is created to transfer the nation’s wealth to banksters.
  3. The educational system is hi-jacked or federalized so over time most citizens have no understanding of the proper role of government nor its founding principles.
  4. The media is purchased and is run by a state propaganda machine. It is used to dumb down the society, distract them from anything of importance and to protect the ruling elite in their crimes.
  5. The ruling elite create and execute a grand deception or false flag operation. It is used as a pretext to internally and systematically destroy the laws of the land. Contrast this to external forces where all the wars together can’t destroy inviolate constitutional laws.
  6. A welfare state is created. The ruling elite plunder the nation’s wealth giving the false impression that the wealth is being shared. As money is given away to citizens, powerful groups, companies and foreign nations, the people become parasites of the parasitical ruling elite and help them remain in power.
  7. Before the monetary system collapses, the ruling class plans their escape or defense against the people.  Since they no longer see value in expendable parasitical citizens and view them as a threat they plan their extermination–hence, democide.
  8. The ruling elite and those who plundered the nation’s wealth don’t want to be blamed for the monetary collapse so they start a major war. The citizens rally to the cause of patriotism. Families send sons and daughters into battle with no or little understanding of the underlying deceptions.
  9. Wars escalate. Promises are made to avenge the blood of those who fell. At that point, God withdraws. The nation is left to itself and makes bad decisions.
  10. Prices soar. Citizens turn to political leaders who are most likely to save them–the very people who plundered the nation’s wealth, or newcomers with ties to the plunderers.
  11. Massive death and destruction occur. Once war is over, people are humbled, turn to God, start rebuilding and the cycle starts anew.
  12. The global elite would rather it end with a massive reduction in population, world government with them in charge, and a total police state to protect themselves against the people.

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