America still has a problem with unexploded Civil War bombs

Live bombs from past conflicts can linger for years, often decades. Or in the case of Civil War bombs, well over a century.

Thousands of unexploded bombs and shells left over from the world wars litter Europe. Berlin officials estimate there’s around 3,000 bombs still buried under the city. Berlin’s growing economy  —  and subsequent construction boom  —  means that unexploded bombs turn up on a regular basis.

Wars always have unintended consequences. And they can still inflict casualties long after the last shot is fired.

Is the Federal Government Planning for Civil War?

by Robert John Stevens, Provo, Utah, August 22, 2013

When the facts do not fit the politically correct model, new models must be contemplated.

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It is well known that the Federal Government is stockpiling millions of rounds of hollow-point ammunition.

President Obama has started several wars. He approves of drone strikes and assassinations weekly. His abuse of power has led to the death and suffering of countless humans. Without a doubt future historians will portray him as having a public face but also as a serial killer who needed to frequently vent his rage. Rather than bring the country together, he sparks and supports dissension.

His known hero is Abraham Lincoln who usurped power and led a civil war that killed 750,000 soldiers who were mostly caucasian.

So as crazy as this may sound, are they preparing for civil war? Is their goal to use race to start a civil war? Will they arm people of color against white citizens?

Ezra Taft Benson told us many times that the U.S. could never be destroyed from outside–just from within. The wars in the Book of Mormon were fought by opposing armies of different color. Ether 8 tells us a secret combination will try and overthrow the freedom of all nations and seek the destruction of all people.

I awoke this morning with a big jolt and a lodged thought that the Federal Government is preparing for civil war. How does any civil war begin? How would you start one?

I think all it would take is a financial collapse preceded or followed by one or more EMPs, a few more false-flag operations to demonize white Americans, the federal government to arm people of color, the media to promote civil war and for Mr. Obama to order the arrest of controversial whites and to begin using force to disarm those whom he selectively chooses.

Is their plan to use civil war as their excuse to disarm the public?

Whatever events they use is not as important as whether or not they are planning to start a civil war.

Again, this may sound nuts, especially to a reader who has been brainwashed by the mainstream propaganda media. However, it is certainly a viable possibility and it seems to best fit the facts as we know them.

My next best hypothesis sides with the goodness of mankind, that the Federal Government expects a collapse and is simply arming to defend themselves and stay in power. That though would require far less ammunition and there would be no need to allow hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to remain in the United States illegally.