Is the Mormon Church Buying Real Estate Near BYU With Cash?

For several years I have tried repeatedly to purchase a condo, house or apartment near BYU in Provo, Utah for my children so they don’t continue to live in unreinforced masonry structures that may collapse during the next major earthquake. Each time I lose out to a cash buyer. This week I made a full-price […]

Why do we teach Old Testament to youth under 18?

I’m reading the Book of Genesis. If the rest of the Old Testament is filled with vivid descriptions of adultery, fornication, polygamy, and sodomy, why do we teach Old Testament to youth under 18? My wife and I teach Old Testament to fourth graders for their Sunday School hour but just read Old Testament verses […]

Why Won’t Mormon-Owned Newspaper Allow the Word Democide?

Mormon-owned newspaper will not allow the word democide (“the murder of any person or people by their government, including genocide, politicide and mass murder”). To prove it for yourself, Google democide In contrast, Google gun control I submitted this comment to the article on entitled In our opinion: In the wake […]

The Kind of Church I Want to Belong To

I’d like to belong to a church that teaches its youth ethics, honesty, self-mastery, etiquette, charm, table manners, to smile and greet each other and strangers, fundamental principles to raise the bar, forgiveness, the importance of making friends for life, never-ending learning, that life is a fountain of opportunity, critical thinking, original thought and public […]

It is Time for Church Members to Hire and Mentor Youth

by Robert John Stevens, February 9, 2018 I see a problem in our church that probably extends nationwide to all faiths: Many young, capable people can’t find jobs and older church members won’t take a chance on them. When the U.S. dollar finally collapses, it will surely get a lot worse. I have two sons […]