Prosecute Congressmen Who Don’t Read and Debate Bills

by Robert John Stevens, May 19, 2016

Will somebody please introduce a bill to prosecute Congressmen who don’t read and debate new bills before casting their votes?—Not censure, nor impeach but prosecute.

When passed, such a bill would significantly reduce the size of government and may even limit it to the U.S. Constitution and a set of basic principles that school children could recite.

Reasonable-sized bills can be read on the House or Senator floor before debate. Those in attendance cannot be accused of not reading a bill.

A government of laws and ordinances will grow until it self destructs. Only a government of principles can endure.

Saudi 9/11 Blackmail: ‘We’ll Dump Dollar!’

This is a bill that every American would agree with. The bill suspends sovereign immunity (i.e. you cannot serve a foreign sovereign government) if a terrorist attack occurs on American soil where American citizens are killed. Most Americans would say, “Well certainly they shouldn’t have immunity if they are sponsoring attacks where American citizens are killed.” This presents a huge problems for the Obama Administration who is trying to suppress this bill.

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I’m very happy Senator Lee speaks out on these issues but how much influence is he having? And if he doesn’t have enough influence then should he resign and trust God will raise up somebody who can influence the masses and instigate change?