Proof of Failed Arguments: One Million Suspected Terrorists and Almost No Terrorism in the USA

With Mateen’s self-professed loyalty to extremist groups and his 10-month inclusion on a federal terrorism watch list, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., proposed letting the government block many gun sales to known or suspected terrorists. People buying firearms from federally licensed gun dealers can currently be denied for several reasons, chiefly for serious crimes or mental problems, but there is no specific prohibition for those on the terrorist watch list.

That list currently contains around 1 million people — including fewer than 5,000 Americans or legal permanent residents, according to the latest government figures. — A divided Senate answers Orlando with gridlock on gun curbs

Beneficiaries of government money are the most likely suspects for terrorism—the military industrial complex, NSA, CIA and banksters.

Those on the terrorist list are guilty without a chance to prove their innocence—that’s not America.

Show us the entire list. Notify people when they are put on the list. Provide people clear, efficient and no-cost steps to get off the list. Create penalties for falsely putting innocent people on the list.

Americans know gun control is about disarming the people so government, thugs and banksters can rule and plunder without opposition.

“…shall be deemed guilty of felony, and shall suffer death.”

by Robert John Stevens, May 7, 2016

“…shall be deemed guilty of felony, and shall suffer death.” — Penalty for debasing gold, silver or copper coins, Section 19, The Coinage Act of April 2, 1792

Had the Founding Fathers added just a few more words to extend the death penalty to people who didn’t work at the mint, they may have stopped the rise of the national banks, Federal Reserve, the unnecessary deaths of millions and significantly altered the course of history.

Gerald Celente—2016 Predictions, Gold, Silver War and Collapse


Gerald Celente says he isn’t a conspiracy theorist but sticks to the facts: Demand for gold and silver is soaring worldwide while demand for other commodities is falling, the bottom for gold is $1050 an ounce which is the cost to harvest it, people today feel more comfortable investing in precious metals than their countries’ currencies, and the more than 200 trillion worldwide debt bubble will collapse in 2016.

Mr. Celente says to get out of this “they” will lead us to global war, close the banks, devalue the currency and demand citizens turn in their gold as they did in the early 20th century. His solution is three Gs—gold, guns and a getaway plan. His destination after 9/11 was Canada.

In January his Trends Journal will host a getaway retreat in Naples, Florida. See Florida retreat for mind, body and spirit.