Governments Must Never Perform Services That Free Markets Can Do

It was never my intention to be a land developer. I thought people could buy farmland and move onto it. Utah County has so many utility requirements that I had to develop and sell off lots to pay for them. For example, I could have used geothermal, solar and/or wind energy instead of having more […]

Should I take time off work to go to a job interview without first interviewing by phone?

Companies today show little respect for job candidates.  Rather than schedule a polite phone call, it is easier to email a link to a timed, online test or a link to schedule an onsite interview. I received this email: Thank you for your interest in working at Optimal Satcom. We will be conducting interviews on […]

Utah County Commissioners Create Earth Extraction Pit Monopolies

At today’s Utah County Commissioners’ January 23, 2018 Meeting, Commissioners Lee and Ivie voted to rezone many sections of land on West Mountain to a new grazing zone where no new mining or earth extraction operations are permitted to commence. By doing so, they literally elevated the operations there to monopoly status. Pits are now […]

Utah County Commissioners Vote Against Privatizing Government Services

January 17, 2018 At the Utah County Commissioner Meeting yesterday, Commissioner Greg Graves revealed he had pushed towards the privatization of government services and that he and the other commissioners had visited a government who had privatized its services but he was voted down by the other two commissioners Bill Lee and Nathan Ivie. I […]

Should Governments Seize Property and Ruin The Lives of Citizens Who Fail to Pay Their Property Taxes?

by Robert John Stevens, December 22, 2017 If you fail to pay your property taxes, should the government seize your property? I’ve sat in several Utah County Commissioners’ Meetings where citizen appeals are reviewed. Each time county employees testify to the county commissioners that they sent property tax notices and still the taxes weren’t paid. […]

Government Regulations are the Cause of Utah’s Housing Crisis

by Robert John Stevens, October 26, 2017 Government regulations are the problem. For example, to build in Utah County it is highly likely you must build, pave and dedicate a road. For example, a 3/4-mile road with the required 12″ of road base will cost $350k to $400k. Dead ends, cul-de-sacs, dirt and gravel roads […]

How the Constitution Has Been Twisted to Undermine the Free Market | Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

An excellent, must-watch speech on the foundational principles of the U.S. Federal Government and Constitution and how things have been changed from their original intent:

Do you stand with President Trump for our flag, our country, and our heroes?

by Robert John Stevens, September 26, 2017 Yes, but no. President Trump’s role is limited to the Executive Branch’s responsibilities as outlined in the United States Constitution. Moral citizens of virtue cannot support corruption in government, unconstitutional wars of aggression, the forced redistribution of wealth, over burdensome taxation (aka theft), endless regulations, no representation in […]