On Structure and Genius

A 24-year old named Mallory who is dating my son Andrew boasted in complaint form that her family is more structured than ours. My thoughts on that:

Anyone can enforce or obey structure, even the convict or those with mental illness. The genius though, takes inspiration, and creates structure, simplicity and beauty where non existed. I’d rather be a genius.—Robert John Stevens, July 30, 2017

Dear Mr. President, Abandon Obamacare and Return the Power to the People

by Robert John Stevens, July 24, 2017

Submitted online to both President Trump and Senator Mike Lee

Dear Mr President,

If you want the public to put pressure on their representatives to abandon Obamacare then present them information that persuades. Please consider my plan:

1. Take the top 50 reasons people go to doctors, tell the American people the average cost of each visit, how much is spent on the doctors’ administrative staffs, absorbed by the insurance companies and how much the doctor actually receives. Do the same for the top 50 surgeries.

For example, I know a local marriage therapist who charges $90 an hour but after the insurance companies take their cut, he only receives $9. Americans would be shocked to learn that as I was.

2. Show the American people how much they’d save if they could bypass all that bureaucracy in terms of top-selling items they want.

3. Tell the American people the truth that pleases the human Spirit–that the federal government has no business managing health care and must give it up. If states want to act as incubators and experiment with programs, let them or totally return the power to the people.


Robert John Stevens
Provo, Utah