The Missing Ingredient in BCRA: Humility

And history teaches us that when we don’t know how to solve a problem, the best thing to do is to experiment. We should test different ideas through a cooperative, bottom-up, trial-and-error process rather than imposing top-down, partisan power-plays that disrupt the lives of hundreds of millions of people at a time. — Senator Mike Lee Scam Explained

by Robert John Stevens, June 14, 2017

Feedback to on my last transaction:

The experience was fast and great but you really need to tell the world that your non-concierge service is flawed — that if immediately after the buyer receives the domain he changes his contact information, then the seller has no way to prove the domain was transferred to the buyer and may lose the domain and not get paid.

I was lucky that my buyer was honest and notified that he received the domain I sold him.

I have not discovered any problem with the concierge service and pay the extra fee. Both services work but the low-cost one is sort of a scam since they know of the problem above that I’ve notified them about three times.

I Met Hot Dog Bob

by Robert John Stevens, June 11, 2017

Yesterday, in Wolfeboro, Massachutes, I met Hot Dog Bob. He’s a great guy and tells his story of how Mitt Romney came to him with arms up saying, “Bob, I have to buy a hot dog from you” after this article appeared in the LA times:

A personal interest in Romney

Bob told me he works three months a year, four hours a day and if I ever needed to know anything, I should come ask him.

Homestead Land for $10k Down?

by Robert John Stevens June 11, 2017

This ad appeared in Classifieds on June 9, 2017. I emailed Sarah, told her I forwarded it to Utah County Commissioner Bill Lee, sent her two articles I wrote, and asked if she would let me know if she gets a response from her ad.

Family with $10K to put down on Agricultural Acreage to start a homestead. The problem is work is in Provo so the land has to be within 30 miles of Provo. We’d really appreciate any consideration. Thank you. Contact Sarah 801-494-9189

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The Paris Agreement Was Most Likely an Entangling Arrangement

Submitted to

June 2, 2017

Dear President Trump,

Thank YOU for withdrawing the US from the Paris Agreement. Who upset has read the agreement? Please get us out of all entangled arrangements with corrupt countries, especially those written that transfer wealth and jobs.

–Robert John Stevens