Faithful and Cheerful Tribute

May all of us live such so such a great tribute could be said about us:

He was always faithful and cheerful under the most trying circumstances, and no matter what blast blew of difficulty or persecution, brother Pitt was there on hand at a moment’s notice, full of life and music — ready to cheer the hearts of the people. — Daniel H. Wells tribute to musician William Pitt. See The story of William Pitt and the Nauvoo Brass Band, who played as the Saints mourned Joseph and Hyrum Smith’s deaths

10,000 Members of Congress Justified by 74,079 Volunteer Mormon Missionaries

by Robert John Stevens, June 29, 2016

Below are comments I left today for the article The US Should Have 10,000 Members of Congress:

While the Founding Fathers remained alive, the population per representative remained consistent with the U.S. Constitution’s mandate of 30,000 citizens per congressional representative; hence, the wise ratio was designed to endure not just for constituent representation but to limit the powers and spending of the executive branch.

If the ratio continued the USA wouldn’t be 19.3 trillion in debt or have fought so many unconstitutional wars of aggression.

The cost of 10,000 members of Congress is small compared to the cost of runaway government spending and interventionism. Unaffordable? The Mormon Church ratio of members to volunteer missionaries is 211 (15,634,199 members to 74,079 missionaries). If 74,079 Mormon missionaries volunteer to work for free, supporting themselves from their own savings for eighteen months to two years, surely the United States can elect 10,000 representatives, or 1 to every 30,000 citizens, who love the U.S. Constitution enough to serve for two years at their own expense.

The Founding Fathers were correct to establish at least 30,000 constituents per congressional district. It would have saved trillions of dollars, kept the middle class wealthy, limited the power of the Executive Branch and preserved the U.S. Constitution—the basis of the most successful government in history.

I find it ironic that Mormons not only believe Jesus Christ raised up the Founding Fathers and inspired them to create the U.S. Constitution, but their member-to-missionary ratio of 211 to 1 is an indisputable case study that correct U.S. constitutional representation ratio can and must be restored.

See LDS Facts and Statistics

Dear Globalists, Do as Jesus Did and Forgive all Debts

by Robert John Stevens, June 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton proposes debt forgiveness to young entrepreneurs which really suggests to pay their debts the American people must borrow more money from the banksters who are in business to monetize government debt. The more debt we have the more money they make.

Clinton of course cares nothing about entrepreneurs. Anyone who sells government favors to the highest bidder is beyond feeling for the common citizen.

Dear Globalists, do as Jesus did and forgive all debts. Since 1913 you stole not only our money, you stole it from our parents, grandparents and great grandparents. Suppose the world discovers the Federal Reserve Shareholders are related by their common religion. Suppose they are Jewish? Will discovering their identity create an event that fulfills the prophecy that unites the entire world against Israel?

Why allow such a prophecy to come to pass?

No wonder Ron Paul wants to audit the Fed.

You want to be heroes on the world-wide stage? You want Israel to be the most loved nation in history? Then forgive all debts and instruct every person and every business to do likewise. Free mankind to innovate. Free mankind before they rise up against you. Just let everyone start over again but with stricter laws against debt. It is that easy.

Want to be elected or appointed to the superpower positions that control the world? Want to be most popular people in your lifetime? Then instruct the Federal Reserve to forgive all debts.

Who Owns Everything?

by Robert John Stevens, June 28, 2016

In America the poor play the lottery, the middle class invests in stocks, bonds and mutual funds, and the rich, knowing the folly of both lower class investments, prefers no- or low-risk, calculated investments they control.

The rich also know the cry for the poor and middle class to diversify their Wall Street investments is really due to the high risk and uncertainty of trusting their money with white-collar gamblers.

I’m now in my fifties, have lived in more than fifty locations in six states (New York, Maryland, Rhode Island, Utah, California and Arizona) and met hundreds if not thousands of people, but have only known a few who own anything of value outside of their home and a few apartment rentals. Some friends rent, most have home equity but only a few actually own their homes.

One friend is an automobile mechanic. He works about 30-40 hours a month just to pay his shop rent and utilities. He’ll never get ahead financially. He works six days a week, charges $100 an hour and still can’t afford to buy his shop.

Who then owns all the banks, land, buildings and businesses? Doesn’t reason suggest that by now I should know many people who do?

Many retail stores are owned by publicly traded franchises but most businesses in the United States are still small businesses. Some buildings and properties are owned by government. The federal government owns millions of acres but that still doesn’t account for all the banks, buildings and businesses we see everywhere.

Napoleon Bonaparte supposedly said, “Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.” Now that the globalists have successfully attacked religion for decades, why aren’t the rich being murdered?

Guns and moral conscience. Despite what the propaganda media says, the more guns the poor and middle class own the less likely they will use them against the wealthy.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the many false-flag operations involving guns and actors, and the threats against the Second Amendment are actually ploys to get citizens to buy more guns and ammunition.

However, if the American public discovers the truth about who owns everything resentment may lead to revolt.

Full transcript: Donald Trump’s jobs plan speech

“Our politicians have aggressively pursued a policy of globalization – moving our jobs, our wealth and our factories to Mexico and overseas. Globalization has made the financial elite who donate to politicians very wealthy. But it has left millions of our workers with nothing but poverty and heartache.” — Donald Trump