The Underutilized Power of Storytelling in Congress

Great article with a message for every person in the world:

As American scholar Brené Brown said, “We’re not thinking beings who sometimes feel. We’re emotional beings who sometimes think!”

If approached the right way, many citizens would say “yes” to the question: “Do you want to help me so that this doesn’t (or does) happen to other people like you?”

Creating a culture and system for story collection is not easy. It takes discipline and near-universal buy-in from the member and staff. But if you don’t have these stories at the ready, then answer this question: How can you justify your investment on a policy initiative if you can’t demonstrate the impact on real people’s lives?

Senator Rand Paul on Consequences of Name Calling

Rand Paul presents a lesson we can all learn from in this article entitled Rand Paul: Ted Cruz ‘Pretty Much Done For’ in Senate:

“I would defund not only Planned Parenthood but hundreds and hundreds of regulations, hundreds and hundreds of wasteful programs. I would take them all out, put them on the table and say ‘You know what Democrats, it doesn’t take 60 votes to defund something, it’s actually going to take 60 votes to fund any of these programs,’ vote on them one at a time and we will see how many of these crazy programs get 60 votes. My guess would be very few, but that would take the courage to let the spending expire and start anew and let new programs all require 60 votes to pass,” Paul said.