Multitasking Damages Your Brain And Career, New Studies Suggest

by Robert John Stevens, October 30, 2014

Contrast that research against yesterday’s article in Deseret News, ‘The time is right’ for a digital conversion, educators say.

Certainly Utah isn’t in business to help lower IQs.

Wrote Dr. Barry Lunt at BYU, “This research is becoming more well known, but getting students to believe it is another problem—they all think they can do it well, and none of them are willing to consider that it could be damaging their ability to study and focus.”

Who benefits? Hardware and software vendors.

Have you tried teaching students while they are using their electronic devices?—It is very frustrating because their attention is divided. Some are browsing the web, communicating with friends and even playing games.

Parents, wake up and demand schools take computers out of the classroom, except those classes that teach programming and vital computer software or hardware skills.

Vladimir Putin Is The Leader Of the Moral World — Paul Craig Roberts

I read the speech and copied a few quotes which I believe would be embraced or at least considered by America’s Founding Fathers, who stood for independence, self government and free trade, and prided themselves in keeping out of foreign wars and entanglements:

The issue of maintaining sovereignty becomes almost paramount in maintaining and strengthening global stability.

I will add that international relations must be based on international law, which itself should rest on moral principles such as justice, equality and truth. Perhaps most important is respect for one’s partners and their interests. This is an obvious formula, but simply following it could radically change the global situation.

On Ukraine, “Nobody wanted to listen to us and nobody wanted to talk. They simply told us: this is none of your business, point, end of discussion. Instead of a comprehensive but – I stress – civilised dialogue, it all came down to a government overthrow; they plunged the country into chaos, into economic and social collapse, into a civil war with enormous casualties.”

The allegations and statements that Russia is trying to establish some sort of empire, encroaching on the sovereignty of its neighbours, are groundless. Russia does not need any kind of special, exclusive place in the world – I want to emphasise this. While respecting the interests of others, we simply want for our own interests to be taken into account and for our position to be respected.

We have no need of getting involved in things, of ordering others around, but we want others to stay out of our affairs as well and to stop pretending they rule the world. That is all. If there is an area where Russia could be a leader – it is in asserting the norms of international law.

Humiliation of any people living in the area, or anywhere else in the world is clearly a source of destabilisation and should be done away with.

The Ebola Story Doesn’t Smell Right — Paul Craig Roberts

Unfortunately, most Americans would agree with Dr. Robert’s insight, “Democracy requires that the public trust the government. Yet Washington does everything possible to destroy this trust and to present a picture of dysfunctional government with hidden and undeclared agendas.”

Sen. Rand Paul Takes a Stand for Religious Liberty

Submitted to Senator Rand Paul’s Website:

Please tell the Senator his video on religious liberty was excellent and both positively and deeply penetrated my convictions, and to continue to produce more such videos that touch the human soul with inalienable truths. –Robert John Stevens, October 29, 2014