Let the states decide if they wish to replace the Constitution with an unchecked dictatorship

January 29, 2014

Dear Senator Lee,

I watched you drill Eric Holder today regarding usurping authority via executive orders. If as you suggest the Executive Branch must provide a document justifying their constitutional authority, they will and such documents will serve as free, unchallenged passes for tyranny.

Although much appreciated, your gentle reminders to Holder offer no consolation to the millions of Americans who have already surpassed the boiling point. Even if Holder could justify their constitutional abuses, a dictatorship is not the kind of government Americans want.

I request your staff research, compare and hold a press release outlining the dizzying number of Obama Administration abuses of power that now match those outlined in the Declaration of Independence. They could begin with, “100 Reasons To Impeach Barack Obama.”


Please argue publicly that executive orders constitute dictatorship and we must allow the states to decide if they wish to replace the Constitution with an unchecked dictatorship.


Robert Stevens
Provo, Utah

Senator Paul Embraces Righteous, Foundational Principles

Submitted to Senator Paul’s website, January 25, 2014

Senator Paul,

You are the only United States Senator to which I am aware that is grounded upon the righteous, foundational principles which the Founding Father’s embraced. Please make it your daily goal to teach the American people those principles.

I have found no greater book to remind myself of those principles than, “The Five Thousand Year Leap: 28 Great Ideas That Changed the World,” by the late Cleon Skousen. Please read it, have your staff read it and incorporate its reminders into your every discourse, interview and opportunity to teach.

Americans, once enlightened, as the truth speaks to their souls, will continue to whole heartedly side with you as long as you will not deviate from embracing correct principles.

Best Regards,

Robert Stevens
Provo, Utah

P.S. Unlike part-time defenders of correct principles, I applaud you for taking stands and fighting the battle on every front. I’m afraid even Senator Lee has retreated.

Lee, Hatch Push to Restore Funding for PILT program

by Robert John Stevens, January 24, 2014. Submitted to Senator Mike Lee’s website.

I recently drove across America via I-70. Without question, Price, Utah seems the must run-down, poorest town I saw.

I read Senator’s Lee talk on the PILT program. Please tell him he would do better if he:

1. Doesn’t try and use the force of government to redistribute wealth.

2. Teaches the people of Utah the dangers of redistributing wealth.

3. Weighs everything against core constitutional principles.

4. Stands for everything right. At this point he seems to be cowering and avoiding the real, deep issues that are destroying America. The Topic field for this form doesn’t even include congressional issues.

5. Fight for the return of Utah lands to its citizens (which is the right approach).

WARNING: When the economy finally collapses, unless everyone knows exactly the true American principles he embraces and fights for as Senator Paul has done, I’m afraid he will not be exempt from millions of extremely angry Americans. This isn’t a threat—just a logical statement that when people realize just how much they’ve been lied to and how little those who were entrusted to defend the Constitution did, they will blame those who should have fought ALL DAY LONG for freedom, liberty and the proper role of government.