Eight Thanksgiving Requests for Congress

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dear Senator Lee:

1. Please develop a system so your constituents can contribute and be heard. Calling or writing you and speaking to interns feels like a complete waste of time.

2. We don’t want or need ten more years of Afghanistan. Please end the wars.

3. What is your contingency plan for major disasters including financial collapse and invasion which includes EMP or WW III?

4. Is the proper role of government to redistribute wealth?

5. Is the United States of America in a complete hostage situation? Who actually runs the country and what is their intention? Why have we veered so far away from the original constitution that the House and Senate members seem powerless to do anything but advance the neocon/socialist agenda?

6. Please buy or watch online the videos September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor by Massimo Mazzucco and tell me if you honestly believe anything about the official story.

7. Please end the two-party system. It has destroyed America.

8. Please use your time in office to do something of deep value. It feels like you’ve already lost a few important battles and have retreated. If you can’t take back part or all the original, inspired Constitution then why remain in office?


Robert Stevens
Provo, Utah

America’s Hope Begins With Recognition

Message sent to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Sunday November 24, 2013 regarding his article, “The Dying Dollar — Paul Craig Roberts.”

Hi Paul,

Another great article. Thank You!

I suspect giving Americans a false hope of prosperity by pumping money into the stock market is a trivial expense compared to the profits of received by continued plunder.

At your recommendation I purchased the Italian 9/11 DVDs. It is very comprehensive. Every issue leads to lies and cover up.

Regarding our nation’s financial state, I have struggled for years to think of solutions but sending solution ideas to Congressman and Senators seems a complete waste of time.

Unless the President tells the people the absolute truth and starts intelligent discussions, our nation’s fate is akin to the band playing aboard the sinking Titanic.

As the economy begins its steep plunge there will be fewer funds to repair our aging transportation infrastructure. Welfare receipts are the first to suffer. Those totally dependent on food imports will panic, especially if a crisis hits months before the next growing season. There will be no safety living in cities. It will be too late to tear up lawns and plant fruit and nut trees.

I have at times been adverse to your pessimistic outlook but I do not see things changing.

As a young missionary I taught the plan of repentance. The first step is to recognize one has sinned. Recognition precedes feeling sorry, repenting, covenanting not to repeat the sin and restoring that which was lost as a result of the sin. For America, hope starts with recognition.


National and civilizational cycles will repeat

by Robert John Stevens, November 21, 2013

It suddenly dawned on me tonight that America today reminds me of the decline of WordPerfect Corporation. I was an early programmer there and could see many of the problems that were sinking them and tried many times to warn management but they seemed as though they were wearing blinders while walking in a midst of darkness.

We’re not the first to go through this. Think of all the people who tried to save the Byzantine, Roman, Greek, Nephite and Jaredite empires.

National and civilizational cycles will repeat until the end of humanity, or at least as long as the spectrum remains so large for IQ and virtue.

The Best Programmers Automate Their Income

by Robert John Stevens, November 21, 2013

The best programmers automate their income. Isn’t that what you’d expect from the best?

Their history often follows a similar path: At some point, they realized they are as smart or smarter than their teammates, see an opportunity and resign to program it.

I once read that 60% of tech startups originate when engineers watch their corporate management turn down customer requests.

When free to work for themselves on their own project, programmers work harder than ever before but it quickly becomes apparent that they relied upon company code or others for certain tasks such as architecture, database design or testing. Unless they can hire others who actually deliver, they must learn and do it all themselves.

When their software product is finished, programmers must then learn how to market, sell and support it. That requires building and maintaining a website, online store, and implementing search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising.

There are many ways to automate one’s income for programmers such as:

  1. Hiring other programmers and charing for their services.
  2. Driving traffic to sell software online or by subscription.
  3. Mastering search engine optimization so web pages show up high on Google’s search results and then making money from Google AdSense ads.

Ironically, few programmers have thought about automating their income. For most who have, it seems like an impossible feat. Few are comfortable with taking risks and few have the finances to work without pay for sustain periods.

But most are smart enough and capable enough to do it.