Nobody wants Obamacare except for the coup that has taken over our government and the people who wrote the bill

Dear Congressman Matheson and the Interns who read this: reported “Obamacare Regulations Are 8 Times Longer Than Bible.” Senator Cruz during his filibuster said it was more than 20,000 pages.

What thinking Americans want 20,000 more pages of regulations? Do you interns want that for your job?

If you were a doctor would you consider retiring early? I would. If you were an entrepreneur or small business owner, would you consider limiting your growth? I would.

The role of government is to defend personal liberty. Using the force of government to take money from citizens and give it to other citizens is tyranny.

Whatever your views, whatever your party thinks, you are supposed to represent the people of Utah. We do not want Obamacare. We cannot spend a few years of our lives reading it and discussing its implications. Without doubt, embedded into it are sinister laws and plans.

Good government requires the fewest number of laws and regulations. Obamacare binds us to slavery.

Please make your voice heard. Be visible on this issue. Nobody wants Obamacare except for the coup that has taken over our government and the people who wrote the bill.

Best Regards,

Robert John Stevens
Provo, Utah

Obamacare is Slavery

Submitted to Senator Ted Cruz via his contact form on Thursday, September 25, 2013

Please tell Senator Cruz that if we as a people are to regain the approbation of heaven it will be because of valiant people like him who refuse to submit to tyranny.

When I heard about the filibuster I felt like weeping. Thank YOU!

–Robert John Stevens

9/11 Steel and Your Self-Cleaning oven

Paul Craig Roberts’ Comparison of WTC Steel to Self-Cleaning Ovens was brilliant!

Another absurdity is that steel is an excellent conductor of heat–Blow torch one end of a steel beam and try holding the other end.

When I share the 9/11 Gospel I hold high whatever is in my hand, drop it and let it land with a thump. That seems to awaken people to what free-fall acceleration means. Then I explain how upper floors in a building cannot accelerate through millions of tons steel and concrete below unless the lower floors are instantly removed with explosives.

Everybody gets it, especially youth, but the older people are more likely to immediately push back because it is too much for them to consider and leads them to a place too dark. Many then describe the things they can personally control.

Last night I went to a high school performance on 9/11. Students were dressed in choir robes. New hymns were sung. It was the most blasphemous event I’ve ever attended–like watching an entire room of people worshipping and singing praises to a false God.

In 100 years if mankind survives, everybody will know the three WTC towers were taken down by explosives and everybody will wonder how Americans of our generation could be so stupid to have been deceived for so long.

You know I’m very religious. I did my undergraduate and graduate work in computer science. All the programmers in the world cannot program a fruit fly. I have difficulty throwing away seeds. They contain the programming of a very advanced race. Imagine if humans could create self-replicating machines with variation.

Then I wonder how a God could produce such an amazing world and such dumb children. There must be a reason for our stupidity.


How to Defund Obamacare: Read It Outloud!

by Robert John Stevens, September 11-12, 2013

Submitted to Senators Paul, Cruz and Lee:

Running out of time to find a clever way to defund Obamacare? The answer is simple: read it aloud to the public. reports “Obamacare Regulations Are 8 Times Longer Than Bible.” You have 19 days left. To read 10,516 pages you must read 553 pages a day or 69 pages an hour each 8-hour working day.

Political intelligence can be measured by how few words it takes to create timeless laws. When it comes to redistributing wealth by using the force of government to take money from one group of citizens and giving it to another, which is what Obamacare does, God said it best in just a few words, “Thou shall not steal.”

Please do this political stunt. I know it will get the media’s attention and am confident it will go viral.

Have your friends help you.

September 12, 2013 Update Submitted to Senators Paul, Cruz and Lee

Yesterday I submitted a clever solution to Senators Paul, Cruz and Lee to defund Obamacare. My solution is simple–read it aloud to the public.

If this idea was considered but the Senator is too busy, then may I suggest you create a “Read Obamacare Marathon?” Stream it live to the public. Invite Senators Lee, Cruz and Paul. Invite all Democrat and Republican senators to take part. Invite celebrities. If you start it people will come and participate. It will bring attention to your online petition. As the alternative and mainstream media covers it, and as it goes viral, Americans will wake up to the enormous size of Obamacare–10,516 pages and they will demand their elected officials to not fund it.

Please do this. It is an excellent idea. I’ve already tested the concept with many people. Everyone agrees it is very clever and should work.

Fifth Columns

I had not heard the term “fifth column” until I read Dr. Paul Craig Robert’s article, The rule of zombies: Why Are Obama and Kerry So Desperate to Start a New War?

Did JFK call them “secret societies?”

If I understand the wiki definition correctly, we call them “secret combinations.” They plunder, murder for gain, obtain sole management of governments and stay in power by distributing welfare and degrading the morals of their citizens.

They rely heavily on secret oaths and covenants to keep brothers loyal and promise immunity should one get in trouble.

Their secret oaths and covenants are of ancient origin, based on a dark religion, and are considered so evil that good men of faith who have had access to them have purposely withheld them but admit they are had among all nations.

Some people believe a few of these were published in the Congressional Record on February 15, 1913, House Bill 1523.

These people are very difficult to find and prosecute.

Once they obtain sole management of a government they destroy their civilization from the inside out, beginning with false flag operations and then by convincing their people to war against their enemies. Once they go from a defensive to offensive strategy, usually on the baseless moral plea to avenge the blood of their brethren, God withdraws his Spirit and protection, and as they are left to themselves their judgement becomes clouded, their enemies gain power over them and they make huge, costly mistakes. Internal warfare becomes the norm. If they don’t destroy themselves or aren’t destroyed by their enemies, God intercedes and finishes them off.

No solutions are offered–just pleas to not allow the parasites to infest government, whose macro goals are to overthrow freedom of all nations and seek the destruction all people.

I have spent countless hours searching for solutions. The only one I can think of, absent the hand of Providence, is to break their cycle of immunity.

The best American example I know of this is Watergate, now understood best by today’s generation who watch the movie “All The President’s Men.”

U.S. Agricultural Secretary Ezra Taft Benson was well aware of secret combinations and spoke of them frequently at civic and religious gatherings, but the best treatment I’ve read is Jack Monnett’s, Awakening to our Awful Situation.

Again, this is from a Mormon perspective as described in the Book of Mormon, published in New York in 1830, which outlines the destruction of three civilizations by secret combinations.

I don’t think fifth columns will survive much longer in America as millions have awakened to the point of boiling rage. Whether you or I live long enough to see it, I am confident that the younger generation will rid themselves of them and elect wise and virtuous leaders who hold dear the principles of freedom and liberty.

One wonders why they wait

by Robert John Stevens, Sunday September 8, 2013

Paul Craig Roberts in his article, The West Dethroned  wrote, “These countries can establish their own system of international payments and finance and leave the dollar standard whenever they wish. One wonders why they wait.”

Why do they wait? Because the longer they wait the longer our infrastructure crumbles? Because world favor is rapidly shifting away from the U.S. and Israel and towards them? Or because they know we are hostage to our leaders who are destroying us—a feat they could not have accomplished as well with their militaries?

Dr. Robert’s suspicions are probably correct. I sent him these questions and hope he elaborates.