Would I illegally immigrate?

I very much oppose amnesty as it rewards those who broke the law and uses the force of government to redistribute wealth. Plus, I oppose approving any bill without reading it.

I woud not even consider illegally immigrating to another country unless our family had to escape to save our lives from an oppressive government.

Robert Stevens
June 27, 2013

Resigning is not a rightful remedy for criminality in government

Dear Congressman Chaffetz,

I’m outraged about the video showing James Clapper lying at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing back in March. Suggesting a criminal in government should resign is ridiculous. They should go to jail. To restore America, you need to say over and over that if these people whom we trusted in elected or appointed offices have committed a crime then they need to be arrested, have their day in court and if found guilty they should go to jail. To break this cycle of immunity, someone has to to go jail. Please use the power vested in you. Study how the first Congresses used their power to bring people to justice or the rule of law may as well be void for anyone working for Obama.

Regards, Robert Stevens


Obama’s vision of immigration does not include Caucasians from Europe or Canada

by Robert John Stevens, June 12, 2013

Dear Senator Lee,

I watched President Obama’s arguments on immigration yesterday. They are totally deceptive. Let me give you some points to consider.

Have you noticed there are almost no Caucasians in Long Beach, California? It is some of the best real estate in the United States so why doesn’t it attract other immigrant races besides Latinos? If the woman with the chemical engineering degree was typical who introduced Obama yesterday at his press briefing, why isn’t Long Beach a growing high tech location?

My oldest son returned from two years of missionary service there. Almost every dwelling has iron bars and a Rottweiler to guard it. Gangs, drugs, drunks, welfare and prostitutes are seen everywhere. Is that the kind of America we want more of?

Obama’s vision of immigration does not include Caucasians from Europe or Canada.

Turning attention to immigration and whatever follows, whether scheduled or not, is designed to mask the many scandals, and to move the public’s attention onto something else so they think others no longer care that Mr. Obama is a war criminal, or that any other of his crimes matter including Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS Scandal, wiretapping, the attacks on the First and Fourth Amendments, etc.

Illegal immigrants know little or nothing about our Constitution, Bill of Rights or principles behind those sacred documents, nor do they care. It would be like hiring employees for McDonald’s who do not read their franchise instructions or receive the training that is required to successfully run it, and expect exceptional results.

While it is true that the net gain of new jobs are the result of startups, Obama cannot rightfully attribute startups to illegal immigration.

I cannot expect to illegally immigrate into another nation. If I tried I would expect to be jobless, sentenced, fined, imprisoned, and later sent home.

If the path to citizenship required the same American history course my teenagers had at Lone Peak High School in Highland, Utah, proven understanding of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, plus an in-depth understanding of the principles behind those sacred documents as explained in the book, “The 5000 Year Leap,” by Cleon Skousen then I’d feel better about the role of immigrants in our nation’s future. Instead, I see illegal immigration as using the force of government to redistribute wealth, a parasitical ploy to keep the distributors of welfare in power, and to further erode our society.

Lastly, please ask Senator Lee if I continue to waste my time writing up these thoughts. While I know my opinions are highly appreciated as an advisory board member of the BYU IT Department, I would like to hear from him if they have any impact in government or are just tallied and tossed by interns. One day I’d appreciate an invitation to lunch or an encouraging phone call from Senator Lee with feedback on which thoughts are of value to him and what I can do to help.

Best Regards,

Robert John Stevens
CEO WriteExpress Corporation

Mad as Hell. Time for a Massive Reversal.

Sent to Senator Cruz, Hatch, Lee, Congressman Chaffetz and Mattheson, June 7, 2013

I want you to forcefully indict all the trusted government public servants, employees and politicians involved in these many scandals. I’m mad as hell and I have a right to be. I didn’t authorize the government to listen to my phone calls, store and parse my emails, willfully dismantle the Constitution and Bill of Rights in the name of phony terrorism staged by the FBI, redistribute wealth, use the IRS for political gain or kill innocent civilians in my name with drones and engage in endless, pointless and highly profitable wars that only serve the military industrial complex and central bankers.

I am an adviser to the BYU IT Department and I’ve programmed for thirty years. Call me and I’ll show you and your staff the President’s fake birth certificate that I downloaded from the White House Website–and how the falsification layers can still be seen in Photoshop. This is common knowledge to all techies who have followed the steps.

And please don’t send me another generic intern-written letter telling me how concerned you are. I want to see some serious action. I want you to faithfully carry out your oath of office.

While you have the podium, tell the American people about what really happened on 9/11–how the third tower (47-story building 7) fell indistinguishable of free-fall speed, and how the National Institute of Standards admitted in their final report it fell at free-fall acceleration for 2.3 seconds, which means the thousands of tons of steel and concrete below immediately gave way, which is only possible if explosives were used. Now is the time to ignore the cowards and tell the people the truth. Now is the time to go on the offensive. Citizens will believe you. Now is the time for a giant reversal of all the unconstitutional laws and bills.

–Robert Stevens
Highland, Utah