Ron Paul Statement on Bernanke Hearing

“If I were still in Congress, and serving as Chairman of the Monetary Policy Subcommittee, I would have asked Chairman Bernanke why, since the continued high unemployment rates show that the Fed’s ‘Quantitative Easing’ programs have not helped the economy, he thinks continuing the same failed policy in perpetuity will help the average American — as opposed to the big banks and the big spending politicians?

“I would also ask Chairman Bernanke, how the German Bundesbank’s request for the Federal Reserve to return the Fed’s store of German gold to Germany could affect the US’ standing in the global economy. And most importantly, why are so many central banks buying gold when you told me in 2011 that ‘gold is not money’?

Humorous: Women Take Joe Biden’s ‘Buy a Shotgun!’ Advice

You must watch this:
From a firearms expert and trainer I know:
Any of you who have asked about getting a shotgun for protection we have explained that the shotgun is an experts weapon not a gun for a novice.  Why have so many LE agencies switched from shotguns to AR15s?.  Shotguns are hard to shoot well and AR15s are easy to shoot well. 
At indoor home defense distances, the shotgun has no pattern and must be directed as carefully as a rifle.  The use of the shotgun in the self defense role is filled with myth and old wives tales.  
Taking some unsuspecting person out and knocking them down with a shotgun will always instill a flinch in them which will take years of constant practice to over come (if ever).  This video could also be titled how to ruin someone so that they are never able to learn how to shoot properly in a just seconds. 

2nd Amendment — The #1 Reason for or Against

I (Robert Stevens) lay awake last night for a few hours and thought of this.

How can we Utahns best picture 262 million? Well, if my math is correct, if the average casualty is 5′ long and these bodies were laid from head to toe they would stretch from Logon to Provo piled 2,000 corpses high.

Democide is the horror that informed gun-grabbing governments do not want you to know about. It is the number one reason why the second amendment must “not be infringed.”

  • Feet per mlle: 5280
  • Humans per mile at 5′ per human: 1056
  • Logan to Provo 124 miles
  • Logan to Provo in horizontal 5′ humans: 130,944
  • 262 million is then 124 miles of 2,000 bodies high