Starving Mormon Temples Must Depend on Automated Genealogical Data Extraction

by Robert John Stevens, February 12, 2017

Since 1979, I’ve known I was one of the younger genealogy researchers. Ironically, in 2017 I am still young for this hobby. My wife and I attend a genealogy class at church where we’re still the youngest, and probably the only class members who are not retired.

Most genealogy researchers are old. Probably 90% of users researching at the LDS Church genealogical library in Salt Lake City, and customers of and related websites are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Since ordinances for the deceased in Mormon templates depend on names and vital records of the deceased, then given so few researchers who are aging, how do they satisfy the demand? Must they develop automated data extraction?


Yesterday I asked a Computer Science professor that question and he confirmed my assumptions with this reply, “Automation is no longer an option. It is a necessity. It is why my research group is doing what it is doing. Automated recognition of handwriting being a prime example.”

This subtle name change announcement by the LDS Church last week reveals much:

The First Presidency has recently approved a change to the names of all family history callings in the Church. Going forward, all members serving in a family history role should be called temple and family history consultants.

Maybe that name change will help motivate people towards the goal of researching and providing names for the starving Mormon Temples.

Trump Must Either Protect the States Against Invasion or Abide by the Appeals Court Decision

Section Four of the U.S. Constitution requires the United States to protect each state from invasion. Can the Trump Administration abide by the appeals court’s travel ban decision and faithfully enforce Section Four? Are they apples and oranges?

Mike Pence Nailed It: Why Most Government Should Be Abolished

by Robert John Stevens, February 8, 2017

To rephrase Vice President Pence’s quote below, “Citizens should not be trapped in a system that puts the status quo ahead of their success.” Anyone who has tried to get anything done knows how government employees put regulations over reason and common sense.


Today, I cast the tie-breaking vote in the Senate to confirm President Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Education: Betsy DeVos.

The vote the President asked me to cast wasn’t just for Betsy – it was also for America’s future.

Our nation’s success depends on the education of our students. In Betsy DeVos, we have one of America’s foremost advocates for educational opportunity and excellence.

For nearly three decades she has devoted her time, her talent, and her treasure to ensure that every child in America has the best shot at a better life. Countless students have benefitted from her efforts to promote an educational marketplace defined by innovation, opportunity, and real, meaningful choice.

The President and I agree that our children’s futures should not be determined by their zip code. Students should not be trapped in a system that puts the status quo ahead of a child’s success.

Betsy DeVos will have great impact as Secretary of Education. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a public school, a private school, a parochial school, a charter school, or any other kind of school – she will help ensure that every student has access to a good school.

We are grateful to Senate Majority Leader McConnell and all the Republican Senators who stood with us on this important vote.

The President is fully committed to this mission. Today’s vote was the first of its kind in our nation’s history, but the real history will be made through our unwavering dedication to America’s children – and to America’s future.

Thank you for all your help and support.


Michael R. Pence
Vice President of the United States