Appeal to Utah County Health Department for their Unfair Practice

by Robert Stevens, December 8, 2016

Letter to the Utah County Health Department:

Dear … (names removed),

Because the Utah County Health Department (UCHD) claims the below-surface water depth of my 5.25-acre parcel measured 32 inches vs 34 inches, the future homeowner must pay an additional $5k for his sewage system according to excavator Brian Sorensen’s estimate.

This policy is not consistent with fairness. Please consider my appeal:

1. Would a better policy be to take the average of all four measurements?

Notice the attached UCHD measurements were 54″ in October, 44″ in March, 32″ in July, 59″ in September and 51″in December. UCHD chose the 32″ measurement that penalizes.

2. Should measurements be avoided during flood irrigation months?

In July Strawberry Water discharged tens of thousands of gallons of water onto that parcel. Suppose UCHD purposely measured ground-water levels the same or next day after parcels are flood irrigated, wouldn’t they all fail?

3. Notice in September, near the end of the previous irrigation season, the water level dropped to 59″ — What can we conclude from that steep drop?

4. Because the PVC test pipe was not encased in gravel, its holes eventually became clogged–perhaps with mud, debris, dead animals and/or by a youth prank. We then dug a trench next to it and confirmed the water level was far below the surface as expected.

5. At the time of these measurements, UCHD measured underground water levels four times a year. Now they measure monthly, increased fees by $250 and increased their odds of penalizing the landowner.

6. To re-test and monitor for another year puts landowners another year closer to their water rights expiring.

7. Human waste on farms and gardens is desirable. In fact, neighbor Bill Robinson fertilizes his entire 35-acre farm with human waste from Orem.

8. There is no evidence that sewage will contaminate the underground water that is 145-feet below the surface and constantly flowing.

9. UCHD’s measurements did not match my measurements. As much as we trust and admire Brian who took the measurement, we have no proof it was done correctly.

10. Government-run tasks are not accountable. UCHD has nothing to lose by decreeing their verdict. Since there were no checks in place to verify the accuracy of the measurements, should we accept UCHD’s policy or give the landowner the benefit of the doubt?

11. Governments want to protect us from ourselves and everything but most religions teach that God wants us to suffer and address pains or needs—perhaps so we think and create solutions of value.

12. UCHD regulations and Utah County’s 270 pages of land-use ordinances have resulted in almost no new farms in decades. They do successfully use the force of government to shut out new, emerging farm competitors.

Please average your water depth measurements, lower your fees, return to measuring less frequently, and establish fair checks and balances.

A better approach is to get out entirely of the business of policing the lives of landowners with ever-increasing regulations and honor inalienable rights and free markets.

Let us remember the golden rule and hope God doesn’t embrace UCHD’s approach for Judgment Day or he may damn us all according to the worst thing we do in our lives.

Thank you again for visiting with me yesterday. We had a good discussion.

Best Regards,

Robert Stevens

Blue Ocean Strategy

Why Smart Entrepreneurs Choose Killer Ideas to Start Booming Businesses

By Robert John Stevens, CEO of WriteExpress Corporation

If you’re not familiar with the books Boom Start: Super Laws of Successful Entrepreneurs and Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make Competition Irrelevant, I want to share some of their insights.

A Blue Ocean Product is a product in a unique category that dominates a situation. If people want a Blue Ocean Product they must buy it from the leader because there are no relevant competitors. Blue Ocean Products often enjoy high profit margins for a very long time.

Start-up Millenniata picked a winner for their Blue Ocean Product

Did you know that your data, digital photos, and home movies are not safe? CDs and DVDs can start losing data after just months, and especially after a decade? Millenniata invented the ultimate solution—a DVD player that reads and writes DVDs that may last more than 1,000 years. If you want to buy one, you have to buy it from Millenniata or their resellers because there are no competitors.

Decision makers notify each other about Blue Ocean Products

Millenniata‘s technology is so hot that archive, government, military and corporate executives phone their friends to tell them about it.

The biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make

Not realizing the power of a Blue Ocean Strategy, entrepreneurs often make the mistake of building their startup based on a Red Ocean Product—a product in a market with plenty of competitors: A techie learns about a booming product, tries it, and feels he or she can create a better one—usually by improving on a few features. This is usually a recipe for disaster. Odds are that a start-up based on a Red Ocean Product will get beaten up. Red Oceans are bloody. If your start-up wants to compete in a Red Ocean, you will get hurt.

Let big corporations compete in Red Oceans

The ultimate example is Microsoft entering the well-established, multi-billion-dollar gaming industry with Xbox. They could withstand loses on every sale, but had the resources to gain traction.

Sometimes there is room for 2nd, 3rd and even 4th place Red Ocean Products, especially if the market is large enough. Avis capitalizes on not being the leader. Their tagline “We try harder” successfully promotes their #2 market position. But unless competing companies have huge resources to expend, often they all fight for a small slice of the market.

If you have a Red Ocean Idea, it is better to sharpen your business angle to create a Blue Ocean Product or Service by narrowing your focus or sharpening your business angle.

For example, if you had enough genius scientists to compete with Millenniata, you may offer 1,000-year disk storage specifically for libraries.

Why compete when you can create augmented products?

Boom Start authors tell us that Blue Ocean Products can quickly create a profitable aftermarket of augmented products. For example, why not buy a 1,000-year vault for your Millenniata DVDs? Whether or not Millenniata has the resources to focus on augmented products, it may be wise for them to invest in, empower or promote startups that can.

Blue Ocean Products attract horses

One Boom Start Super Law is to Ride Horses. Horses are defined as well-known, influential people in their industry that people follow. Two of the most successful horses in America are probably Oprah and Marie Osmond. If Oprah invites you to demonstrate your product on her TV show, your sales will probably explode.

It is difficult for Red Ocean Companies to attract a horse to promote their product because horses do not promote “me too” products, at least not for free. Nike paid Michael Jordan more than 15 million to promote their athletic footwear (a Red Ocean Market) and the return on investment was in the billions.

Unfortunately, startups rarely have the funds to attract high-paid horses.

Customers feel safe going with the market leader

They feel unsure about buying clones or look-a-likes.

Many successful startups built on a Blue Ocean Product wonder why their sales decline as they spend years creating nothing but Red Ocean Products.

Sometimes Blue Ocean Products are so successful that most people can’t name the competitors. For example, can you name the competitors of Apple’s iTunes, iPod or iPhone?

Why spend money on traditional marketing when you can create events with blue ocean products?

Create low-budget marketing events attract the news media. These events are 600-800% more effective than traditional advertising. Smart entrepreneurial marketers spend $1 only if it makes $2.

Copyright © 2009 Robert Stevens. All rights reserved.

This article was commenced on December 11, 2009. Last update: December 8, 2016.

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Paul Craig Roberts for Secretary of State

This author is correct: If President-Elect Trump really wants to drain the swamp and install a family of like-minded leaders who oppose the oligarchy, he should interview Paul Craig Roberts for Secretary of State.

Wrote Paul Craig Roberts in response to the above article:

My thanks to the many readers who expressed their wishes that I would be Trump’s Secretary of the Treasury and to Rahul Manchanda for his tribute in Veterans News Now.

The oligarchy did not lose the election by a large enough margin for me to be confirmed as Secretary of the Treasury. I would bring into the Treasury people like Michael Hudson, James Galbraith, Herman Daly, Pam Martens, Nomi Prins. I would put Dave Kranzler in charge of financial regulation and have him break up the Fed’s rigging of the bullion market. Ellen Brown’s campaign for public banks would be given impetus. The issue of abolishing the Federal Reserve and bringing the power back into the Treasury would be examined.

The American electorate gave too much support to the oligarchy’s candidate for such major changes to be possible. The American people have some more waking up to do. Major change requires a runaway electoral victory for the American people, the equivalent of a revolution.

If Trump proves to be sincere, let’s support him on the main issues and build momentum for the future. — The Tide Is Turning Against the Oligarchs — Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts is also correct that either humans will defeat the oligarchs peacefully or they will rise up and defeat them physically. I don’t understand why psycho wealthy people think they must own everything when at death, like everyone else, they lose it all and will own nothing.

Are the Globalists Inflating the Stock Market?

by Robert John Stevens, December 5, 2016

Are we experiencing a stock rally celebrating the end of the Obama regime and the beginning of President Trump’s Administration?

Or are the globalists inflating the stock market so they can crash it after Trump begins office as an effort to turn popular opinion against him? What can President Trump do to prepare for that? Certainly, he can alert the public to what’s going on and by doing so thwart their efforts.

Replace all Health Insurance with Cost Sharing—A Plan to Replace Obamacare

by Robert John Stevens, December 1, 2016

For President-Elect Donald Trump to abolish Obamacare, a new plan cannot play in the same health insurance playground:

1. To win, stop calling it health insurance. A better and more descriptive replacement name is free-market shared medical costs.

We reduced our family health insurance from $1,800 to just $440 a month with Liberty HealthShare. Their website says, “Liberty HealthShare℠ is not insurance. It simply unites like-minded Americans to share medical costs together.”

In 1995 we paid $300 a month for health insurance which was affordable for me to be an entrepreneur. Fees increased steadily and at the peak we paid $1,800 each month. After discovering doctors give big discounts for cash, we went without health insurance for months until the Obamacare premiums became to expensive.

2. Declare the proper role of government is not to be in the healthcare or health insurance business. Neither power was delegated to the federal government in the U.S. Constitution.

3. Increase penalties for fraud.

Liberty Health Share is easy. We submit our bills. They send us checks in the mail. We’ve done it for about 18 months. It works great. Without it I couldn’t remain an entrepreneur.